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Beyond Penn's Treaty

New York Yearly Meeting minutes [Indian reports extracted]

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New York

The Committee on the concern of this Meeting relative to divers
Tribes of Indians, furnish us with areport on that subject, which
was read, and is as follows - viz.

To the Yearly Meeting -

The Committee on the concern of this Meeting relative to the
Indian Natives Report -

That during the last year we have
had several conferences together, and have felt our minds
engaged in sympathy with, and earnest desires for the promotion
of the civil & religious welfare of that People, so as to engage the
attention of several of our number, who have visited them, and
from the report received from them, there appears an openness to
receive the advice and council of friends - And altho the use
of spirituous Liquors continues to retard their improvement,
yet we have reason to believe that anumber of them are guarded
in that respect, and we think they progress in the Arts of
civilized life - They give us apleasing account of one School
being taught by an Indian at Stockbridge

, and another School
House erecting at the same place - The School at Brotherton
is kept up, and another School House in erecting - we are encourag'd
to believe, the care and attention of friends have been useful to
them - Subscrptions for raising money, agreeable to the direction
of the Yearly Meeting, has been forwarded to friends in the several