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Beyond Penn's Treaty

New York Yearly Meeting minutes [Indian reports extracted]

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fruit may be the result of the labour bestowed, yet while there is
an evidence of the rectitude of the concern, there is reason to hope,
Friends may be enabled to facilitate the gradual improvement of the
Natives to amore civilized State - and that in the issue they will
have no cause to regret the part they have taken, in order to promote
their present and future wellbeing

Sign'd by direction & on behalf
of the Committee - Tho. Franklin Clk
New York 5th month 26 1805.

The attention of the Meeting being feelingly & renewedly impressed with
asolicitude for the welfare of our Indian Brethren, attended with the
expression of satisfaction & concurrence with the foregoing Report, a
desire and concern was evidenced to prevail, that friends on that
Committee may be encouraged to persevere in the Work assigned them,
that so they may be enabled from time to time, to extend such care
towards that part of the human race, as way may open for it - &
as it is desireable that the Committee should be furnish'd with the
means of aiding those People in apecuniary way, as circumstances
may render it proper & expedient, in order more fully to carry into
effect the benevolent views of this Meeting, it open'd to aprospect of
propriety in authorizing the Committee to circulate subscriptions
among friends in this Yearly Meeting as extensively as they may
think proper for raising a Fund for that purpose. - It being
suggested that an addition of a few names to the Committee would
probably be useful, with which the Meeting concurs, and appoints
Matthew Franklin

, Samuel Mott, of Mamaronik, Abram. J. Underhill
and Samuel Parsons.

Adjourn'd to the 4th hour tomorrow afternoon