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Beyond Penn's Treaty

New York Yearly Meeting minutes [Indian reports extracted]

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New York

A report from the Comm.ee on Indian affairs is now read asolid quiet
took place thereon and arenewed sympathy felt for that People and
the further consideration thereof is refer’d to afuture seling the
report is as follows viz

To the Yearly Meeting now seting The
comm.ee appointed last year of Indian affairs now report that we
have had in the course of the year past divers Meetings on the
weighty subject refer’d to us and have at times been drawn into
sympathy with the peculeir situation of the Natives and while
deliberating on the best means that might be adopted for
promoting their welfare if appear’d to the Comm.ee that there would
be aprobable usefulness in selecting some of our number to pay
them avissit and some Friends were accordingly named for their
purpose but circumstances which afterwards took place presented
them from proceeding on the journey and soon after this the
advanced season of the year rendered it very difficult to proceed
so that avissit has not taken place – It would have afforded
satisfaction to us if we could have possess’d the Yearly Meetg
with more full information of the State of the Indians which
mights probably have been done if the intended vissit had been
made We can only now say that from some information
obtained anumber of the Indians have lately shewn agreater
disposition towards sobriety of conduct and agricultural
improvement that heretofore – And altho’ asufficient attraction
to this interesting concern will probably require patience and
perseverance yet under right direction we are induced to
believe it will lend to the benefit and advantages of the Indians

Signed by direction & on behalf of the Comm.ee 5 mo 30. 1797New York by
Samuel Bowne