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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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approved; and it was concluded to allow Mary

$20- & Nancy Smith $10- for their
services in instructing the women of those
Tribes in spinning during the last summer
& the present winter.

Information was given by the Sub Committee
that during their visit they learned that the small
pox had been introduced amongst the Onondagos

& was likely to spread amongst the Onondagos
& was likely to spread amongst the Oneida &
Stockbridge Tribes & that they had therefore judged it expedient
to have them inoculated with the kine pock, which
had accordingly been done, and about a thousand
persons had been vaccinated accordingly

The human proceeding of the Sub Committee
was approved of & the cost thereof One hundred
five Dollars was directed to be paid by the Treasurer
to James Mott

, with the sums directed in the
preceding minute, also Fifty two 8/100 Dollars