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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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At a Meeting of the Committee on the Indian Concern23rd of 5th Month 1807

Present 32 Members

With the acceptable company of our friends Willm Flamier

& Stephen Gardner from North Carolina and David Sand

The Committee to confer with our friend John Dean

, not being
ready to report are continued-

The Committee to whom was referred (back) the essayed letter
to the Chiefs Sackem, and Speakers of the Oneida South

report further attention, and produced an essay
which was read and with some alterations appeared; and is
as follows -- Viz

To the Chiefs Sachems, and Speaker of the
Oneida South Settlement-

Your letter of 8th month last was reciev'd
and read amongst us. We rejoice to hear of your welfare
and of the resolution you have made to refrain from strong
drinks, it is a good beginning towards your improvement and
we have no doubt as you keep to it, you will be able to
cultivate your lands better, and by industry soon live more