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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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some account of our proceedings; we have lately
communicated to them a detailed statement of the
situation of those Tribes who have claimed our

Signed by direction & on behalf
Of the Committee
24 of 5 mo 1813
S Parsons Clerk

Adjourned to 6'o'clock in the evening preceding
the Meeting for Sufferings in 12th Mo at this house

At a Meeting of the Committee on the Indian
concern held in New York 13th of 12 mo 1813

Present 23 members

The Committee appointed to examine
Joseph Frost's

accounts reportd that they have
not performed the service; they are continued

The Committee appointed to examine the
Treasurer's accounts reported that they were
accurately kept, and produced a statement thereof
by which there appeared to be a balance of