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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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nine hundred, twenty five 20/100 Dollars in his hands,
also Peter G Stuyvesant's

Bond for $4000, &
Joseph Rouke's note for $125.

The Committee appointed to visit the
Indians made the following report

We of the Committee appointed to visit the several
tribes of Indians to whom the care of Friends has
been extended now report

That we first visited the Brothertown Tribe

had a satisfactory opportunity with them collectively
and also called at a number of their families, and
on inspecting their situation it appears, that in
consequences of the attention of John & Thomas Dean,
we apprehend no assistance at present necessary;
but as they have a prospect of removing from
thence we think the care of the Committee will still
be requisite

Having inspected the situation of the Tribe
at New Stockbridge

, we have not discovered much