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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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and become sober and industrious, requested the assistance
of Friends; they have accordingly been supplied with
Oxen and farming utensils, and their agricultural
improvement and advancement in civilization have been
the most rapid of any of the Tribes.

Experience has proved that it is most bene
ficial to the Indians to be furnished with pecuniary aid
in such manner as may tend to develop and call into
exercise their own resources, lest they indulge the disposition
of depending upon Friends for regular and stated assistance,
which would eventually prove injurious to them; it has
therefore been deemed most advisable that the application
of our funds should be made productive of their agri
cultural improvement by procuring them the necessary
means to facilitate labour. And it is but justice
to observe that the liberality of our Brethren in

has been sensibly felt, as thereby the Com
mittee has been enabled to extend its views and
enlarge the sphere of its usefulness to this People.

The annexed statistical account will further
elucidate the present situation of the different Tribes
under the care of the Committee. We have also
subjoined an address from the Onondaga

Tribe and
our answer.

Signed on behalf of the
Committee on Indian Concern appointed by the
Yearly Meeting of New York
New York 2 month 1813 Samuel Parsons Clerk.