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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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considerable exertions for their benefit the friends of Penn

found it expedient to withdraw their care
and attention; the Oneidas afterwards expressed renewed
desires for Friends' assistance, and as they were more
immediately in our neighbourhood, and the Friends
of Pennsylvania had extended their care to several
more remote Western Tribes, it appeared proper that we
should inspect into their situation. The Oneida Tribe
afterwards formed themselves into two parties and made a
division of their land; one was called the Christian Party,
in consequence of their having attached themselves to a
Missionary who had for a long time resided in the Tribe,
and the other was called the Pagan Party; and as there
appeared to be the greatest probability of our being useful
to the latter, from their being particularly
desirous of our
assistance, a family of Friends was placed there whose
counsel and attention have been very useful to the Indians
A School for the instruction of their Youth was some time
since opened and latterly extended to promote the im
provement of their females in spinning; the Oneidas
have become much interested in the cultivation of their
land, and their improvements in husbandry, and increas
ingly sober habits have given peculiar satisfaction.

The Committee have recently felt much
interested for the Onondagoe

Tribe, who having for
some years past relinquished the use of ardent spirits,