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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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The Brothertown

Tribe consists of 302 persons; they
possess a tract of land containing 9390 acres, divided into
lots of 50 to 100 acres each, of which about 2000 acres
are improved; the product of their land the last season
has been about 2870 bushels of wheat; 5690 bushels
of Indian Corn, 700 bushels of Rye, 1860 bushels of
Oats, 90 bushels of Peas, 3450 bushels of Potatoes, and
about 290 tuns of Hay; but about one half of the above
mentioned produce has been raised on Shares by white People.

The Stock in the Tribe consists of 90
milch Cows, 30 horses, 16 yoke of Oxen, 93 young
Cattle, 88 Sheep, and a great number of swine.
They have 16 framed houses and 18 framed barns, one
grist mill belonging to the Tribe, and two saw mills
to individuals: thier implements of husbandry are 21
ploughs, 17 sleds, 3 carts and 3 waggons; their mechanics
are 4 carpenters, 2 blacksmiths, 4 shoemakers, 2
taylors and 5 weavers; their manufactures the last year
were about 320 yards of Woollen Cloth and 600 of
linin cloth; they have five looms and are gene
rally supplied with wool & flax spinning wheels
, axes, hoes, scythes &c.

The Stockbridge

Tribe consists of 475 persons;
they possess six miles square of land, expect 1800 acres
leased out; about 1200 acres are improved, on which
they have two saw mills and one grist mill;