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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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to promote the improvement of the Stockbridge

Brothertown Tribes, and a family of Friends has resided
several years at the latter place, and applied themselves
with diligence to the service for which they were selected;
these Tribes have not improved equally with the others,
considering their previous progress, the care which has
been extended to them, and the time that has elapsed
since it was first exercised; principally owing to the
vicinity of white inhabitants, and the consequent fa
cility of procuring Spirituous Liquors; they have
however made considerable progress in agriculture,
and the Stockbridge Women have latterly taken
much interest in a Spinnng School established amongst
them and made rapid progress in that branch of industry
so useful to them, and so important to their advancement
in civilized life; and hopes are cherished that be
nificial effects will result to the Indian Youth,
from the Schools which have been for a long time kept
up in these Tribes.

During the time that our attention was
principally confined to the Brothertown

& Stockbridge
Tribes, the Friends of the Yearly Meeting of Pennsyl
, had given considerable aid to the Oneida Tribe
and several Friends interested in their welfare had
resided amongst them for the purpose of promoting their
agricultural and general improvement, but after