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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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of the information contained in the preceding statement
placed the subject under the care of a Special Com
mittee, with instructions to take such steps as should
appear to them best calculated to carry into effect the concern
of the Yearly Meeting for ameliorating the condition of this part of the
human family. The objects claiming the attention
of the Committee have been to impress on the minds of the
Indians such a knowledge of the Supreme Being and of the
teachings of his Grace as they appeared to be capable of
receiving to dissuade them from the use of ardent spirits;
to encourage habits of industry in the cultivation of their
lands; to give them a knowledge of some of the most
useful mechanic arts, and to afford instruction to their
children in School learning; with these views frequent
visits have been made them, and working Cattle and
many implements of husbandry have been from time
to time furnished them and assistance rendered in
building grist and saw mills. In order to
facilitate their agricultural pursuits and general
improvement, it was deemed proper to place families
in some of the Tribes, and several families of Friends
being so much interested in the welfare of the Indians
as to be willing to reside amongst them, were settled

By the reports of the Friends appointed
from time to time to visit the different Tribes, it appears,
that although considerable endeavours have been used