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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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Indians as may be found necessary

Adjourned to 6'o'clock in the evening preceding
the Meeting for Sufferings in the Twelfth Month next
at Pearl Street

Meeting House, New York.

At a Meeting of the Committee on the Indian Concern
held in New York 7 of 12 mo 1812

Present 16 Members

Two of the Committee appointed to visit the Indians
report that they in company with two of the General Committee
had made a visit to the Western Tribes under our notice,
the report is as follows to wit

We have performed a visit in company with Gideon

& Joseph Frost to the Brothertown, Stockbridge
Oneida & Onondaga Tribes

Some of those of Brothertown

are very industrious
& improving in agriculture, but in general they have
not made that improvement that might have been