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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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27th of the month

The Committee met pursuant
to adjournment

The attention of the Committee was turned to
consider of the propriety of making an appointment
to visit the Tribes in the western parts of the State
under our care with a view of promoting their
civilization and advancement in the useful arts of
civilized life, and to this service the following friends
were appointed, namely James Mott

, Abrm J Underhill,
Charles Willetts, Isaac Thorn Ju. Lydia Mott, Ann
Phebe Field & Anne Thorne; and they
were requested to give attention that the articles for
the improvement of the Stockbridge & Oneida Tribes
in spinning, weaving & heretofore committed to
Joseph Frost, be procured for them & also to render
similar assistance to the Onondagoes if on visiting
them it should be judged expedient; and to attend
to such other subjects interesting to the welfare of the