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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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expected, considering the attention that has been paid them;
many of them continue in the habit of drinking to excess, whereby
the necessary attention to the improvement of their land is

The Stockbridge

nation we think have made considerable
advancement in improving their lands and raising grain &
divers of them have raised some flax this season, encouraged
thereto by their young women's learning to spin in consequence
of being furnished by the Committee with wheels, flax, wool
& On their receiving these a general Council was called
to consult on the method to be pursued in teaching their
girls the use of them, and they unitedly agreed that a
school should be established for the purpose, and that
one of the Young Women educated in Pennsylvania should
teach it, and some of their principal women superintend
the business; and we find it has been conducted with
regularity & harmony. On our going into the School
room, we found 38 bunches of yarn hanging in regular
order, under the names of 38 girls & women who had