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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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welfare as way opened for, may state to the
Yearly Meeting, that as usual an appointment
was made to pay a visit to such of the Tribes as are
more immediately under the care of the Committee
consisting of the Brothertown,

Stockbridge, Oneidas,
& Onondagoes, from their report and other information
we have derived some agreeable and encouraging
accounts respecting the progress of part of those Tribes,
both with respect to their labor on the land, and
increased care to guard against the intemperate
use of Spirituous Liquors. Our friend Abraham
continues at Oneida, in speaking of that
Tribe he observes that there is great encouragement
respecting this nation as to Agriculture, the most
of them appeared to be industrious & willing to
take Friends' advice, that he thought they had
bread plenty for their families use, and that in
respect to the use of ardent Spirits there appeared
to be an improvement The information received