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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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And the Committee having concluded to furnish
them with one or two pair of Oxen, some spinning
wheels, farming utensils & seed, Joseph Frost

Charles Willetts, Abraham Lapham & Abraham J
are appointed to procure them, deliver them
on loan to such person or persons in that tribe
as they may think suitable & call on the Treasurer
for the amount.

The Committee to prepare an Essay of a
report to the Yearly Meeting, produced it, which with
some alterations was approved, directed to be
transcribed, signed by the Clerk on behalf of the
Committee & laid before the Yearly Meeting viz

To the Yearly Meeting

The Committee on the concern relative to the
Indian Natives having had divers Meetings on
that interesting subject in the course of the last year,
and adopted such measures for promoting their