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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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At a Special Meeting of the Committee in New York
15th of 9th Month 1808

Information being received that the Friend who
proposed residing amongst the Oneidas

in the capacity of
School Master had declined going, the attention of the
Committee was turned to procure a Friend for that
situation, and also a suitable family to aid the endeavors
of the Committee in the promotion of the welfare of that
Tribe; and Samuel Titus, James Mott, John Murray,
Willet Hicks, Shadrach Ricketson, John Burrow,
Samuel Parsons, Richard Mott, Matthew Franklin,
Elizabeth Bowne, Catharine Murray & Jane King
are appointed to take such steps as may appear to them
advisable to further the views of the Committee herein,
and they are authorized to afford such pecuniary aid
as they may judge suitable.

At a Meeting of the Committee on the Indian Concern
held at Purchase 1st of 11 mo 1808

Present 17 members

The Committee appointed to make a visit to the