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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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At a Meeting of the Committee 27th of the 5 mo

The Committee being informed by some friends named to
that service at last sitting that they have had an interview
with the Friend, who had mentioned a prospect of going
to reside in the Oneida Tribe

, with the view of teaching their
Children & promoting the object of the concern, & after a
conference with him, they think it right to propose to the
Committee that he be left at liberty to go with the Friends
separated to make the Indians a visit, & if it should
appear to them suitable, they they be authorized to encourage
his remaining in that situation; which after deliberate
consideration the Committee unites with.

The attention of the Committee was turned to consider
of the situation of the Indian Natives on the Eastern part
of Long Island

, and resulted in appointing a Committee
to make them a visit & inspect into their situation & to this
service the following friends are appointed, Thomas
Samuel Parsons, Matthew Franklin, Anne
, Catherine Murray & Elizabeth Bowne.

Adjourned to meet at Purchase

Meeting House at 3'o'clock
in the afternoon of the 8th of 11 mo next