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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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, Stockbridge & Oneida Tribes made the
following report, viz

In a late visit made to the Indians under the care of
our Yearly Meeting by three of the Committee the recent
appointed with one not under the appointment, it was evident
that although divers of the Brothertown

Tribes, continue
in the habit of drinking to excess & are thereby prevented
making much improvement in agriculture, yet there are
many others in this Nation & particularly those of the
younger class who refrain from excessive drinking &
are making considerable advancement in improving their
lands, in some instances to a degree beyond what we
had an idea; that on the whole we think there is an
encouraging prospect in the nation, & which we attribute
very much to the care & exertions of John Dean & he
saw, by one of whom a School is continued & likely to
be enlarged on a plan more extensively useful

Among those of Stockbridge

there are a number of
families who appear to be sober & industrious, & have
improved their lands & provided themselves comfortable
houses & accommodations; & there are divers particularly
of the women, who appear to be serious & religiously
thoughtful. They have two Schools taught by