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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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Friend, who resides in the Tribe, & two at Stockbridge

taught by natives. The Committee apprehend that the
principal concern of friends should be turned towards
the education of their children & to procuring proper places
for them, where they may be brought up in a virtuous
line of life, and in such occupations as may be best calculated
to promote their improvement & welfare.

Signed by direction &

The Committee in the course of its deliberations on the
concern for the welfare of the Indian natives, which was felt
to be renewedly interesting was engaged to turn its attention to
separate a number of Friends to make a visit to the

, Stockbridge & Oneida Tribes, with the view
of promoting thier moral improvement & advancement in the
arts of civilized life, and Thomas Willis, Thos Rotch,
Gideon Seaman, James Mott, Abraham J. Underhill,
Matthew Franklin, Lydia P Mott, Elizabeth Byrd,
Hannah Field, Esther Griffin & Elizabeth Bowne are
appointed to the service.

Adjourned to 8'o'clock tomorrow evening at this House.