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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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observed there appears to be a number of religiously inclined
women who manifested much satisfaction with the
company of Friends.

The Oneidas

compasing that division of the Tribe
called the Pagan Party & residing in the south part
of the settlement were particularly noticed by the Committee
they being generally considered as sober persons, mostly
abstaining from the use of strong drink : they appeared
very desirous of our furnishing them with a School Master
and we gave them some encouragement that we would look
out for one, and bear a reasonable proportion of the
expence with which they appeared satisfied; we have
attended thereto but have not yet succeeded in procuring
a friend for that purpose, and are thence induced to
offer the subject to the consideration of Friends at large,
with a view that it may lead to the attainment of this
desirable object: This Tribe had been solicited to accept
of a School master from some other Society, but
refused, assigning as a reason that they preferred
a friend to any other. There is a School at
Brothertown, conducted by Thomas Dean, son of the