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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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At a Meeting of the Committee of the Indian Concern
held 11th of 4th month 1808

Present 24 Members

The Committee appointed at last Meeting relative to a School
Master, report attention to their appointment and inform
that there is a Friend and his Family who are willing
to undertake that charge, and also to instruct them in the
farming business, but as they have not received an answer
on the subject as was expected; they are continued to the
service, with Benjamin Cornell

, Thomas Willis, Abraham
J Underhill
, and Gideon Seaman added; and as it is desira
ble that an interview may be had with the Family
previous to their being engaged, and that another visit
may also be paid the Indians, we desire that the Commi
ttee may be encouraged to proceed in the visit as early
as way may open therefor and to extend as far as they may
be enabled a helping hand to the several Tribes who have
claimed our particular care and attention

John Barrow,

Samuel Mott & John Murray are appointed
to prepare an essay of a report for the Yearly Meeting, and produce
to next Meeting

Adjourned, to meet on the 7th day Evening at 7 oclock at Pearl Street

Meeting house
on the day of the Select Yearly Meeting