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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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At a Meeting of the Committee on the Indian concern
21st of 5 mo 1808

Present 30 members- With the acceptable
company of our friends John Hoskins,

Evan Thomas,
David Sands, John M Kim, Thomas Stewardson,
John Brown & John Shoemaker

Our Clerk renewing his request to be released from the
appointment, it is concerned with, Samuel Parsons

being proposed to supply his place, is united with & he
is accordingly appointed to the service.

The Committee appointed to procure a School Master
to reside with the Oneida Tribe

, report that they have
been prevented by some circumstances from making a
visit to the Tribe, and they are informed that the
friend who was expected to undertake the charge has on
further consideration declined going; they are released
from the appointment & the subject is referred to an
adjournment of this Committee.

The subject of makeing compensation to John Dean

during the residence of himself & family with the Brothertown
Tribe, being considered, it is concluded that the sum of