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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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which is approved, and as the Treasurer was directed to pay
them fifty Dollars as pr minute of 25th of 5th month last, he is
therefore directed to pay the further sum of seventeen Dollars, and
Ninety seven Cents

On attending to that part of the Committees report relative
to the establishment of a School at Oneida

- John Murray Junr,
Matthew Franklin, John Barrow, Samuel Parsons and Shadrach
are appointed to take the subject under consideration,
and if a suitable friend should offer to take charge of the
School, they are at liberty to engage him, and afford him
such encouragement as they may think proper-

Notwithstanding, things are not altogether as pleasant amo
ngst the Indians as is desirable; yet we are at this time un
ewedly encouraged to persevere in using such further endea
vours (or we may be favoured with) for the promotion of
their civil and religious improvement; and now adjourn
to meet at Pearl Street

Meeting House, the Evening preced
ing the Meeting for Sufferings in 4th month next at the
6th hour- And to which time and place we now