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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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of Land, they concluded to take the subject again into
consideration and inform us of the result. On enquiry
we found this Tribe continued their resolution of abstai
ining from Spiritous liquors; and the Epistle addressed
to them by the Committee was received wih evident marks
of satisfaction. We were discouraged seeking an opportunity
with those of the Oneidas

called the Christian party,
from the difficulty of being properly understood, and
the habit of intoxication being so general and excessive
as almost to preclude the idea of its being of any

Signed James Mott John Murray Jun Esther Griffin Anne Mott

The Committee also produced the following Acct. Viz
Committee on the Concern
relative to the Indians

New York 10th mo: 1807
To John Murray Jun &

For amount of sundry articles furnished the Indians by the
Committee, who lately made them a visit 17.97

For amount advanced John Dean

when the Committee
were at Brothertown, as an additional compensation
for his Services 50 /$67.97