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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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some alterations approved- And is as follows- Viz

To the Yearly Meeting

We the Committee on the concern rela
tive to the Indian Natives Report! That during the course of the
last season Year the subject hath from time to time claimed our close
attention, and our minds have felt much engaged for the prom
otion of their civil and religious welfare: two Men and two Women
of our number have made them a visit, and spent some time
amongst the different Tribes and by their report we find, that
notwithstanding they have made considerable advances in Agricu
lture and civilization in general yet owing to divers of their
Chiefs and others given way to the pernicious practice of drinking
to excess, their progress in these respects is much retarded, and this
weakness we fear has with some of them rather increased, yet
it appears that many of the Oneida

have wholly refrained
from the use of ardent spirits, and although they have made
less advancement in civilization than the other Tribes yet
they seem animated to labour after further improvement
both civil and religious- The attention of the Committee
has been turned for some time to the subject of encouraging
some suitable Friend to reside amongst them, and John
having expressed a willingness to go for a time in
New York 25th of 5th Month 1807
Signed on behalf of the
Committee by Th P Franklin Clk