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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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in order to forward their improvement in agriculture & as far
as he may be enabled, the proposal was agreeable to us, and
he has accordingly removed this Spring with his family to
reside at Brothertown

-There are two Schools at Stock
taught by their own people, At Brothertown there
are also two, one of which is taught by a White Man, and the
other for the females by an Indian Woman, and many of
the Children at both places have made considerable adva
nces in school learning-At Oneida there is as yet no
school, but the subject of establishing one is under cons
ideration-In taking a view of the concern in its various
stages, the Committee are induced to believe, that altho
the intemperate use of Spiritous liquors continues as above
stated to retard their progress in many respects, yet
that the care of friends has been, and still may be
useful to this people-

New York 25th of 5th Month 1807
Signed on behalf of the
Committee by Th P Franklin Clk

The Clerk is directed to transcribe this report-sign it on
behalf of the Committee, and hand it to the Yearly Meeting

Adjourned, to meet at half past 7 oclock on 2nd day
Evening, at the Meeting House in Pearl Street