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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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Our attention minds being at this time solidly impressed
with solicitude for the promotion and welfare of our Indian
brethren and Sisters, and a renewal of concern is witnessed
for them in their tried situations; which led to the prospect
of usefulness that may result from the appointment of a
few friends to make another visit to those Tribes which
have particularly demanded our care, including Stockbridge

Brothertown, and the Oneidas- And to which service the
following friends are appointed separated- Viz James Mott, Esther
, Anne Mott, Mathew Franklin, Samuel Mott,
Isaac Thorne Jun, Hannah Field, and Charity Rotch,
who are requested to attend thereto as early as way shall
open for them, and endeavour to afford them such ad
vice and assistance as they may feel themselves qualified
for; they are also instructed with our letter directed to
part of the Oneida Tribe, with directions to lay it before
them at a suitable opportunity

The Clerk is directed to furnish the Committee with
a copy of the foregoing minutes
The Committee thereto appointed now produced an essay
of a report to the yearly Meeting, which was read, and with