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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Copy of a manuscript respecting the American Indians

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places in his power -- And in order to make the man of God
more perfect, He further informed him, that it was more
blessed to give than to receive -- I conclude in a degree of that
love which we wishes well unto all the families of the Earth

your Brother - Joseph Clark Philadelphia 12 mo. 14- 1801

N.B. My desire is that my Brother David Fowler

read this at the conclusion of the time of Worship, unto the Bro
thertown Indians, and also unto the Oneida Indians, as
in such a manner as thou may judge best.


Observations on the Brother-town


who have within these last 3 years, built 9 Log Houses, 3
log Barns, and 4 frame Barns, also will been closed this
fall 2 frame Houses -- They have about 8 yoke of
Oxen added to their former number (a considerable num
-ber not easily ascertained) They have lately purchased
270 sheep likewise as Colts. In the year 1799 they wove
about 100 yards of Linnen. In the year 1801 they wove
upwards of 600 Yards. In 1799-- seven families raised
a little wheat. In 1801-- 56 families raised wheat, Corn
and Flax in proportion. They have 7 Weavers, and a black
smith all Indians -- They have a neat place of Worship
steadily attended, and a School, and exemplary teacher --
several sober Indian families have been added unto them
from remote parts -- They have also a grist and saw
mill, likewise several Ovens - and now raise more

Observations on the Stockbridge


who it is said are increasing 20 Women and two men are
in full church membership; To which may be added, two
Tuscarora Indians -- They have built 100 new houses
these last 4 years -- 105 children fit to attend School –- Also