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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Copy of a manuscript respecting the American Indians

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The penetration and judgement of the Indians in matters
of Religion in this authentic narative is very evident which
is as follows. 1st

Two Presbyterian

Ministers under the patronage of Prince
ton Colledge of New Jersey
who were chosen by the Missiona
ry Society to go and propagate the Gospel among the Creek
-- And in order to give weight to this embassy seven
members of Congress accompanied these ministers unto their
Respective Nation, who took with them a number of Bi
bles for the use of this People -- When those Ministers with
their retinue and Bibles arrived a Conference was held with
some of their Chiefs, where it was agreed that the Indians
should call a council; when met they were informed
they had brought two Ministers of the Gospel; to preach
the Gospel of Salvation unto them, and a number of
Books which would learn them the way to Heaven.
The Indians after a pause said they would consider of it;
which took fourteen days -- The Ministers proposed
preaching: but the Indians signified they must first
consider of it -- When the time of council was over, they
inquired of the members of the Congress if they had any
dark people among them, whether they preached the Gospel
of Salvation unto them, whether they gave those good Books
which would learn them their way to Heaven? Whether
they treated them as Brothers, or as Slaves? Being answe
-red in the negative, the Indians reply’d -- Go home and
preach the Gospel of Salvation to them. give them those
good Books which will learn them the way To Heaven.
treat them as Brethren and not as Slaves. and then come and
preach unto us -- In consequence this unexpected advice