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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Copy of a manuscript respecting the American Indians

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Also about 30 yoke of Oxen, some sheep are possessed by
them -- Almost every family has a cow, some 3 or 4 --
One of these Indians is burning good Bricks -- They have
a handsome place of worship, which is constantly attended
twice a week likewise they have a saw and grist mill
and a School house.

Observations on the Tuscarora


(not perfect)
but we learn they plough more land, and receive more cattle
than formerly -- They have built several new houses within
three or four years, raise more flax, and spin a little
and say their nation increaseth

Observations on the Oneida


they have 58
head of horned Cattle. 7 of which are oxen, 5 good frame
Houses, and 5 frame Barns, one building this summer
This also said they are raising Wheat -- This generally
allowed they do not paint so much as they did 5 or 6 year
ago, and from my Observations among them I discovered
only two -- They have a Missionary Minister and School
Master among them -- they have also a Grist and Saw

[J. Clark to Catharine Solomon]

New Stockbridge 10 Month 15, 1801
Friend and Sister

This is to let you know I am much
rejoiced to see friend J Clark

come by the side of our fire
place and bring our girls home I cannot but
bless the great good spirit for his great goodness in
preserving our long absented girls from various
dangers and that they have found favor in
the sight of such good friends, as to take them
under their benevolent care, and instruct them in
good things and ways. I acknowledge that you have