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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Copy of a manuscript respecting the American Indians

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have your reward, for God will reward you. I give my
kind love to all thy friends, and tell them that the great & good
Spirit is on its way to the dark corners of the Earth -- When
my dear Friend? When will that happy day appear?
When the Nations will learn War no more; for then Lion
will arise and travel, and bring forth, She will bring

So farewell from thy unknown friend Gracy Crosby

An address from Joseph Clark to Indians

When the great and good Spirit made the first Man and
Woman, He placed them in the Garden of Eden and com-
manded them to dress it -- Thus we learn that the Great and
Wise Author of all good, intended Man should labour
from the beginning of the Creation; and we are further ins
-tructed from the scriptures of Truth, that the Lord’s cho
sen Servants in every age were those that laboured
For Moses was in a particular manner called of the
Most High, while he was engaged keeping his Father in
Law’s sheep, as was also Elizher the Prophet, when he was
ploughing with twelve yoke of Oxen, and Paul, that emi
nent Apostle informs us that he laboured with his hands
that he might support himself. But above all these test-
imonies my Brothers liken be obedient to the Command
and imitate the example of Christ, the Great Good Spirit, who
had all power in Heaven and Earth; and once in a miracu-
lous manner fed five thousand Men besides Women and
Children, with only two loaves, and five fish -- and not with
standing afterwards gave this special Command to gather
fragments that nothing should be lost - How clearly and
fully this shews poor frail Man the constant necessity
of being careful of the good and things that an all wise Providence