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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Copy of a manuscript respecting the American Indians

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favour, that we should more and more be worthy of his bles
sings. Notwithstanding some through unwatchfulness
are taken captive by the great and mighty as were manyadversary destroyer

Brother Joseph Clark

We also thank you for your good counsel
we believe the Great & Good Spirit has sent you amongst us. We
will treasure it up in our hearts from day to day and we
will teach it to our Children. We wish always, we wish all
-ways, to keep bright the Chain of Friendships and remain

your Brothers Cornelius Otisleda Peter Onauga John Schunnuds Lus Connis Christian Schonadab Peter Iaulotis Cornelius Cawnawoc Hendrick Faunchaw John Whisksheak

From a Tuscarora Indian

Dear Friends

We are all well and glad to see the 3
girls, and our friend J. Clark

. we often think of the kindess
you shewed us -- Our nation now plough their land, and
raise some flax, and we spin a little, and we hope by the
assistance of the Great Good Spirit we grow in his favour
so as to have plenty of Corn, Cattle, and Flax -- and becom
his children, and rest in his Kingdom -- I feel much
love in my heart, but am not able to express myself

Peter Okasantguo

From a Young Indian Woman to Eliz. Townsend (daughter
of Joseph Clark)

Dear friend.

No doubt but thee will ex-
cuse a letter from me, who wishes thee, and all they society
well. tho unknown to each other as to our Bodily Per-
sons, yet I sincerely hope that we sincerely frequently
converse with the same Spirit. My dear Friend, I thank
thy Father and likewise thee for your kind care towards
us the Natives of America, for I believe that you will have