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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Copy of a manuscript respecting the American Indians

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of our fireplace in good health, and that we are allowed to see
each others’ faces this day -- Friend we are sensible that all the
kindness you have done, you do purely out of love to us, for
which we with our Women heartily thank you -- We hope we
shall never forget your Kindness -- Respecting the Kind talk
which you brought us from our friends, we wish to send a few
words to them in writing. therefore we desire you to stay with
us all the day, and to night, that we may have time to write
to our friends, and that you may take a little more rest

Joseph Shawquithquirt


New Stockbridge 10 mo. 14, 1801 Brothers attend

Our friend and brother J. Clark

safely arri-
ved here by the side of our fire place on the 13th of the 10 Month
with our 3 young women, who have been under your benevo-
lent care for a considerable time, whom he conducted through
along journey, and delivered you Kind talk the next day

Brothers Our satisfaction is very great in finding that the
Friends have taken great pains to instruct these Girls in sober
and steady conduct, and in these good Customs and useful Me
thods, which are necessary for living happily and comfortably
and that they have been taught to read and write and read
the English Language, for which kindness we heartily thank
you -- We hope that the advantage they had will be a be-
nefit to them as well as to us, we will endeavorer to encou-
rage them to improve their acquirements
Brothers We are sensible that it is out of love and pity you
have exercised many kindnesses towards us, ever since friend
ship has been established between you and us, -- not only in
good words, but we have experienced your properties, that
we poor Indians might Know how to help ourselves, that by