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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Copy of a manuscript respecting the American Indians

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they returned -- And one of the Members of this Embassy having
14 slaves gave them all their liberty.

P.S. This occurrence took place among the Creek Indians.
The Person who set his Slaves at liberty was E.B. a well
known family in East New Jersey


From Joseph Clark to the Indians on his return with their
young women --

Brothers, The love I always felt for you and your chil
dren, has induced me to leave all that is near and dear, my
children, my Friends, my property, and my business to
come and see you -- It is neither interest nor ease, that has
brought me from my habitation; but that your Children
whom you delivered into my care, in the year 1797 should
be safely returned unto you, with their qualifications and
improvements; and as the Good and Great Spirit has pre-
served them in innocency & sobriety, and Industry, in
this state I hope they will continue, and that you may
write with us, to encourage them in every good word, and
work -- That thereby the Chain of Friendship may grow
stronger and brighter, which is the sincere desire of thy

Brother, Joseph Clark

Reply of the Indians

New Stockbridge 10th Mo. 22 1801 Brother attend,

We wish to speak a few words to you -- we feel
thankful to the great good Spirit, that he put a concern in your
heart for us, The poor Indians, so that you was willing to leave
all your friends, to take a long journey, and that you have
kindly and safely conducted our young women, whom we
put under your care some years ago -- We rejoice that the Great
Good Spirit has protected and preserved you all this way, while you walk in the long path so that you are safely arrived by the side