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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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Off a commanding eminence, a few miles
before we got to this Village

, we had an
extensive Prospect, to the West, to the
South, and to the East, I expect the Eye
reached 20 miles each way, over a level
looking Country, much improved. In
the neighbourhood of this Village, lies a large
proportion of valuable Meadows, and
shortly after we left the Town I observed all
the fences, both Pot, and Rail, and Worm
fences, were made of nice Ceder Rails,
and upon enquiry I was informed, in what
is called the drowned Lands, there is a
Ceder Swamp of Several thousand Acres,
which supplys the country for several miles
round. A very valuable source. In 6 miles
over land more rough and hilly we got
to Florida a place of several good buildings
where we fed. Water for our horses to drink
at has been very scarce these two last stages.

Thence 12 miles to Doctor Cooes, where
we Lodged, over a hilly, Stony Country,
a great abundance of Limestone the