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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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rivers their Boats are of no further use, for
their Construction is such they cannot be taken
up the Stream, and are therefore often sold
for a trifle, or turned adrift. — I went
up the West side of the River and in about
6 miles passed through a small Village called
Fredricks Town

, then up the River to 10
mile Creek I passed over some very
Rich bottoms on sd River and Creek;
also hillsides very good, abounding with
Black and White Walnut, Locust, Sugar
Maple &c: as far as I have seen, if it was
not for the Hills, it this would be a desirable
Country, but they will ever be in the Way
of farming, and conveying produce
to Market, but its Vicinity with Water
Cariage will very much facilitate the lat
-ter, their best meadows are often to be found
on the tops of high hills, which are often
inclinable to be wet, and Springy, the
land is inclinable to grass, yet Clover
is not much propagated. the price of
produce pretty good, Wheat 7/6 Rye 4/6
Corn 3/9, Oates 3/9, Bacon 1/, Butter 1/61/3,
Cheap 1/ 9 d home made sugar from 1/ to
to one ¼ of which with Industry came the
Country may always be supplyed 24 miles