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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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latter part of this stage. Rye the most
common Winter grain. We are now
in the Jerseys 3 or 4 miles South of the
New York line, having travelled in sd
York State upwards of 500 miles


This has been the worst stage for our
horses that we have met with since we
left Oneida

, and not very good for our
-selves. Went to Doctor Beeches 7 miles
to Breakfast. very good. Our last
7 miles was through a rough Country,
a Considerable Mountain close on our
left, and a Valley on our right; most
of the Land very stony. Stone fences
pretty frequent. The farmers have
been very busy for this Week past, in
ploughing and hoeing their Corn, and
in ploughing for buckwheat; a large
Quantity of this Grain, being sown here away in
this Country. A few Crops of good Wheat
are to be seen, but light crops of rye
are more commonly frequend. A Dutch
Plough with one handle which stands near-
-ly upright, with a very short beam an[d]