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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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put it by. But on our arrival here, un-
-derstanding we are were within 28 miles of it sd.

, and Samuel Baldwin kindly offer-
-ing to let us have fresh horses to go there
and to take good care of our own until
we returned: upon weighing the propos-
-al we felt easy in attempting to go. 36 miles


Accordingly this morning we went 9 miles
nearly on an East direction to Edward Hal-

near the North River, over a very rough
Stony country; about one Mile before we
got to Edwards, off some high land, we had
a very beautifull and extensive Prospect
for about 20 miles over the North River, &
as far each way, up and down the Water. The
face of the country appearing to descend to-
-wards the River, and being mostly improv-
-ed, the Wheat and Pasture fields, together
with large houses, Barns &c and some sheets
of the River which presented in places, also
the Town of Pocepsey, which was four miles
up the River on its Opposite Shore: made
the Landscape truly delightful. We dined
at Edward Hallocks, but the day prov-
-ing very Warm, and our horses young, not
suitable for traveling such weather, we thought