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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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common on most of the Water in this part
of the Country. --- As we advanced South-
-ward, the Land improved in quality, and
the Wonderful Ridges of Rocks, that were
so very common further back, grew fewer,
yet stones rather Increased; tho most of the
land in the latter part of this stage is
Arable, more especially after the Stones
are drawn of, which in divers places
have been done and put up in stone fen-
-ces. The Plaister of Paris has been latter
-ly introduced into these parts and answers
very well. We arrived at Samuel Bald-

about four Oclock, weary, and glad
glad we were got to a friends house. The
weather latterly has been very warm, and we
having travelled hard from Oneida, both
us and our horses wanted Rest, we conclud-
-ed to lay by here a day or two, in order to get
them Shod, and to help these backs which were
a little sore. -- John Pierce, having at times
>for some weeks past, hinted to me, that he had
some wish before we returned home, to go
over the North River to see the school at
the Nine partners, but since we left Onei-
, our draft homewards was such, that we