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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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to keep the Mill a going for three days, there
being such a large, swampy, low piece of
ground above this natural dam. Thence
through a Rough Country, the good roads,
in about 18 miles we arrived at Samuel Baldwin

in 4 or more miles of the first part of this
stage we Crossed the Rosendell, a lively
stream, nearly as large as Esopus, the
Bridge over it was near fifty Yards long
and twenty feet from the Water, yet the
stream rose so high a few months ago as
to lie on the bridge, -- In perhaps four
Miles further we came to the Wallkill,
which was as large as three of the Rosen-
-dall, and into which the Rosendall runs
a few Miles below. We went several miles
up the Wallkill through a fine, level Coun-
-try, and Crossed it in a boat; it was perhaps
60 or 70 Yards wide, and 10 feet deep. There
appeared to be no Current in the River, occa-
-tioned by a Ridge of Rocks that runs across it
it 5 or 6 miles below, over which the Water
falls 20 or more feet. From what I have seen
as well as heard, falls of this kind are very