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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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broken with limestone Ridges, in 10
miles we Crossed Esopus Creek a
Smart stream larger than Brandywine
fine bottoms up the Creek to the Town

which is a smart Village containing
a number of good buildings. we pass-
-ed through the skirts of the Town, &
in about 4 miles, of stony, Rough,
Land we got to greenskill, here we
we got our took Breakfast at DeWitts, in
a Rocky country. He has a Merchant
Mill near by, on the most natural dam
and fall I think I ever saw. There
is a ridge of Rocks runs across the kill
on each side of Which is high firm land.
one end of the Mill head which conveys the
water on the Wheels, rests on these Rocks,
from which to the opposite Shore is but ten
feet; the Miller told me that by putting
an eighteen Inch board, on the top
of about 18 Inches already raised, on
the ridge of Rocks, he could pen wa-
-ter enough, if it met with no supply,