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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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30 or more feet over a huge pile of Rocks,
which damed the Water for miles back, &
formed a very fine Millseat, on which were
erected a Merchant, and Sawmill; from thence
to this place the Land continued very much
broken with high Limestone Ridges runing
in a Southern direction. Much highland
were to be seen in this days ride; we often
had a full view of many miles extent o-
-ver the North River; and on our right
at 10 or miles distant, ran a chain of
high Mountains. The latter part of this
stage the Land better than farther bac[k]
with pretty good buildings, some good
fields of wheat, mostly bearded. 47 miles

1st 7 mo 1 and 1st of the week,

We would have been glad
to have reached a friends meeting today, but
found it impractable, therefore thought best
of traveling, tho not without some unplea-
-sant feelings, being in a Presbeterian Coun-
-try. ---- Early this morning we passed
through two considerable red Cedar groves,
on Rocky, poor Land; then through pret-
-ty good land, and thick settled, tho very much