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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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broken down that they smelled like
fresh hay, there being many Pokebushes
along the Road, they which were knocked all
to pices, the stalks which were as thick
as rake handles were broke, in short
all vegetation where the storm reched
suffered much; the fences, stumps, &
Old logs were much marked: the Win-
-dows of a number of houses were very
much destroyed, one place of Worshi[p]
we understood had more than 300
lights broke.


A fine Morning, and a pleasant day
for traveling: about 8 or 9 miles of a fine
Country down the River, the poorly farmed
buildings not near so good as further back,
thence 5 miles to Adridges where we got
our Breakfasts, through land equally
as good, and much better farmed, with
some large buildings; both spring and
Winter Wheat good, also the Corn; and fine
meadows loaded with the best of Grass; the
River at times close on our right, which
flowed along with a gentle Current, appeard
pretty deep, tho not much wider than Bar[n]