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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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Brandywine, we then went down the
North side of said River through a Rich Coun-
-try thick settled to Bratons 3 miles where we
took up our quarters, where we got good ac-
-comodations both for ourselves and horses.
Farmers busy Mowing and making hay today, the first
we have seen, Grass so stout, scarcely room
on the ground to dry it 24 miles

Seventh day last about 4 Oclock in the
afternoon while we were at Stockbridge

Violent hail storm passed through the coun-
-try a little to the North of us, its direction was
nearly East and its extenton 20 or more
miles, and from one to two in breadth,
as we returned to Oneida

next Morning
We beheld its destructive effects, on the
corn, Oates, &c; and this day for more
than five miles, it was affecting to see
the destruction it made: whole fields
of wheat were entirely cut off, so that
we could not see one head standing, corn,
Flax, and Oates fared but little better, Peas
in the Gardens and fields, Acres being
Sown here, were entirely cut off, destroy
-ed, large fields of Timothy were so bro-