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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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men present delivered a speach much
to the foregoing import, tho we thought it
more weighty, and nervious, we then re-
-turn’d to Captain Hendricks’s

we lodged, in a good Clean bed.


Returned this Morning to our friends at

, and it being the first day of the week
we sat with them in their Meeting.


Had a Council with the Oneida’s

afternoon, on Business that our friends here
had been endeavouring to get them together
about for several Weeks past, but were
not able to accomplish it until we came,
we made some fresh proposals to them con-
-cerning some of their young men coming to
work on the farm with our friends, they
having never complyed with the proposals
that were made, when the friends first were
there, as the consideration therein mentioned
they were to receive for their labour, they
apprehended at too great a difference, it be-
-ing such a share of what was raised. There
were also some proposials concerning one
or two of their Young Men coming to learn