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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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the Smith trade, all which they said
they would take under consideration and
let us know tomorrow, then they were clos[e]
-ly expostulated with, concerning some Jea-
-louses they had entertained, occationed by
some whisperings of evel Minded White
People, who told them the Quakers had
some deep rooted design, to make get pos-
-session of their Lands, for they certainly
would not have been at the great expence
they have, if they did not expect some
temporal advantage therefrom; they
acknowledged they had given too much place
in their Minds to such Whisperings, and
that it had made them feel, to use there
own expressions, very ugly, we let them
know that we would not have their Land
if they would give it to us, and that it was
very unkind in them to have given place
to such surmisings without they had, had
some ground for it them, they acknow-
-ledged they had found us to be true Men,
that we Spoke the same words to them
now, we Spoke two too them two years ago