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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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Squas, or Women, and that was the way
the White People did their Work, he
knew our meaning, which he expressed
by a lively smile. We now parted with
him, having traveled together 170 miles
he going on for Canandarque

, and
>we for Mud Creek, he was the same Indian
Chief who lives near by to where our Young
are Settled, whom Cornplanter said, as
heretofore noted, was a sober Man, like
ourselves, he would drink no Whiskey, we
have had some oppertunity of proving
this Assertion, being several days
with him at the Tavern, at Buffoloe
were the Indians were drinking Spirits
and I did not see him meddle with any it.

We now left the State road, turning to
our left through a Country but little in-
-habitted, an open Woods, and thin land
until within 2 miles of Mud Creek, here
was heavy timber and good land, we
lodged at Jacob Smiths

who has a Mill
and Sawmill on Said Creek on a fine
natural fall. 20 miles to day.