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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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we had been doing at Cornplanters set-

, and an account of the Young
Men we had left there, the Captain ex-
pressed great satisfaction with our pro-
ceedings, and thought there was encouragement
to extend labour towards that people, for
he had been sometime past through the
Oneida settlement and he apprehended he
saw considerable improvement since o
friends extended care there.

About 2 O Clock we sat of towards Canan-

, and for 9 or 10 miles we passed through
a thick settled, highly improved Country,
for considering the settlement to be was no more than 10 years
old, which to me was very animating,
having for 300 miles past been mostly in
the Wilderness where improvments were
not to be seen, here we had beautiful Timo-
-thy, and Clover fields almost Constantly
in view, with a good appearance of wheat
Indian Corn, flax, Oates &c. these we shewed
to our Indian guide, he alighted to examine
the heads of Wheat, we shewed him the flax that
that Shirts &c. were made of, with which he
appeared pleased, we saw four Men howing corn
these we pointed to, telling him they were not